About Default Student Loan Assistance:

Default Student Loan Assistance came together for a single purpose:

To provide timely, comprehensive defaulted student loan assistance that puts your financial future back on track. We've heard the stories of graduates in default. Student Loan reports tell us all what our staff need to know. Now more than ever, students are falling by the wayside in the midst of predatory student loan practices, rising student loan interest rates, and confusing sets of regulations defining repayment of their loans. We have years of experience helping parents, students, and graduates plot a course that makes default student loan repayment feasible, affordable, and takes the complexity out of the equation.

“Student Loan Help was there for us in the beginning and was at our side till the end. We would recommend them to anyone!”

It's our mission and honor to provide assistance to those who have sought an education to better themselves and the society we enjoy. Call us at 877-853-0020 and you'll discover what Defaulted Student Loan Assistance is really all about.

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